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Broken Norev's

Unfortunately some Berlingo 2 models suffer from "Zamac-pest": the base of the model expands and finally breaks, or worse: breaks off the front end of the model.

Let me show you how I repaired some of my models.

As you can clearly see on the picture to the right, the floorpan of the model is bend.

The floorpan of another model is broken.

A piece is cut out of the floorpan. A piece of styrene of 20x47 mm is glued onto it, using the interior to position the parts of the floorpan. Notches fit in holes in the floorpan.

Another pieces of styrene is glued into the gap between the two halves of the floorpan.

Finally the interior is glued on top of the floorpan and the model is reassembled.


Here's another of my models.

Beyond any repair... FUBAR as they call it...


Maybe I can use it to make a diorama of a NCAP crash test.....

Marpytoys now offers a 3D printed replacement for your ruined Berlingo.
Also a version for the Xsara Picasso is available.

Click here to visit Marpytoys website

Oh dear, yet another model with trouble. In fact several Picasso's suffer from the same problem. The floorpan extended enormously, but luckely the body didn't break.

I have made a new floor from a simple piece of styrene plate and glued the axles on to it.

Here's a drawing of the floorpan, download it to repair your own Picasso.