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Rallye Dakar

Les PrťsidentiŽlles


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version: 4.09
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Le Dakar

DS Paris-Dakar 1980 (CCC kit)  Traction Avant Paris-Dakar 1980 (Heller kit)
Mťhari Assistance Mťdicale Paris-Dakar 1980 (Norev/Restart/RobB)

CX Dakar 1981 (Norev/Marpytoys) DS Paris-Dakar 1981 (Miniroute kit)

intentionally left empty

  CX Paris-Dakar 1981 (Solido; transkit Robustelli)

C44 Paris-Dakar 1981 (Gaffe kit) GS Paris-Dakar 1981 (CB-Com kit)
Traction Avant Proto Paris-Dakar 1982 on DS-chassis (Miniroute) CX Proto NEFF Paris-Dakar 1983 (Miniracing kit)
BX 4x4 Paris-Alger-Dakar 1984 (Original Miniatures kit) 2CV Rally Dakar 1984 (Miniroute)

intentionally left empty

Visa Neff Total Paris-Dakar 1984 (Miniracing kit)  
2CV Pajero Paris Dakar 1988 (Jemmpy kit) 2CV Pajero Paris Dakar 1990 (Jemmpy kit)
note that the fenders should be white instead of red....

ZX Rallye-Raid 1991 Vatanen/Berglund (Altaya) same car, now with home-made Camel-decals, to make it
historically correct (I don't smoke)
ZX Rally Raid Paris-Dakar 1991 (Starter kit)  ZX Paris Le Cap 1992 (Miniracing kit)
ZX Paris-Le Cap 1992 (Starter kit) ZX Paris-Dakar 1993 (MVI kit)
ZX Paris-Dakar 1994 (Provence Moulage kit) ZX Rallye Raid 1994 (Norev)
ZX Granada-Dakar 1995 (Heller kit) ZX Rallye Raid Granada-Dakar 1995 (Norev)
ZX Granada-Dakar 1996 (Provence Moulage kit) ZX Granada-Dakar 1996 (Norev)
  2CV "Bi-bip" Dakar 2005 (MMK)