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My projects....
Mes projets....

On this page I want to show you how I make my models, my transformations. These transformations give me the best satisfaction.
I mean, what's the fun of spending money on a model, opening the door to the showcase, putting the model in it, and closing the door again? I like it more to spend a lot of time and energy, transforming a, preferably cheap, model into something special and unique.
I want to show you my ideas, my struggles, my failures and (hopefully) finally a nice result. If you would like to respond to this, don't hesitate to mail me with your comments, your ideas and tips.
Sorry for my lousy English.

Je souhaite vous montrer sur cette page comment je fabrique mes modèles car ces transformations me procurent le plus de plaisir.
Je m’explique. Qu’il y a t’il d’amusant à acheter une miniature, ouvrir sa vitrine, y déposer son modèle et puis tout refermer ? J’aime beaucoup mieux consacrer plein de temps et d’ énergie à la transformation un modèle, de préférence sans grand frais, en quelque chose de spécial et unique.
Je veux donc vous faire partager mes idées, tâtonnements et échecs, pour ( j’espère) finalement vous faire découvrir une belle réalisation.
Si vous souhaiter réagir, n’hésiter pas à m’envoyer un courriel pour m’adresser vos commentaires, idées ou conseils.

Traduction par Thierry.

January 2022:

This project was finished a while ago. So I will show you all pictures at once. It is still an "old school" project, using styrene sheet; nowadays one would use a 3D-printer.


Here are the same two pictures of the start of the project, making two "porte-voitures", using Eligor models.

I have made a drawing to scale 1:43 using CorelDraw, to work out the size of the plateau.

Styrene sheets are cut and made fit firmly into the metal of the model.
The wheels, which are DS wheels, were found on eBay.

It's all pretty straight forward, no rocket science.
Note the headlights, from a Norev 2CV.

The petrol tank, shovel and the broom were made from scratch from styrene. I spend a lot of time searching for all the logos that are on the back of the cabin. Drew some myself and had them printed on decal paper.

So, here we are. Another unique model.