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Citroën Model Cars.

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May-December 2015

  • Aircross Conceptcar (Norev)  
  • B2 Normande (CCC)
  • DS Majesty (Matrix)
  • Méhari Plage (Norev)
  • SM Mylord (Matrix)
  • U23 bus torpédo capoté (Perfex)
  • U23 bus torpédo décapoté (Perfex)

January/february/march/april 2015

  • 700 Porte-fer (Allain Leluyer)
  • AK Nimik Breadvan F355 Berlinetta (ABC Brianza)



'CITROËN DS in Miniature'
an encyclopedic collection

By Marten Boersma & Marc Hermans

'CITROËN DS in Miniature'
an encyclopedic collection

By Marten Boersma & Marc Hermans

A complete survey of what has been produced of Citroen ID and DS models in the passed 61 years.
464 pages, 4200 colour pictures, about 5000 pictured references.
Many models have never been published.
We show which models are copies or derivations of an orginal as well.
+/- 5000 references of Citroen DS model cars / miniatures, in all scales (1954 - 2015)

Models are shown in original colours, condition and packing

-Scale models from Citroen Bureau d'Etude
-Toy prototypes
-Trial colours
-Pedal cars DS
-Roundabout DS
-Customized models
-Art models
-Models built from scratch
-Models made by artisans

464 pages
4200 colour pictures

Dimensions: 280x235mm

English language

Including the brands: Atmega, Bandai, Norev, Gege, Paya, Beuzen & Sordet, SLJ, KB, Bestbox, Molto, Ichida, MF, Minialuxe, KDN, JRD, Majorette, Siku, Wiking, Brekina, Busch, Schuco, Scalextric, Rio, Richard, Vitesse, Dinky Toys, Corgi Toys, Lonestar, Lucky, Zylmex, Cherryca Phenix, Yonezawa, Mizuno, James Bond, Altaya, Atlas Dinky, Quiralu, Dan Toys, AH, CCC, Vroom, Politoys, Politoys, McGregor, Polistil, Metosul, Osul, Pilen, Nacoral and many other worldwide made brands.


Price: 92,75 euro


Netherlands 6,95 Euro
Europe AU/BE/DE/DK/ES/FR/IT/LUX/SE/UK 19,50 Euro
Rest of the world 34,30 Euro

For direct sales call +31 (0)6 52 888 004 or

One print only!

500 prints of this book/edition are available

Below you'll find pictures of new models:

11-2015: Méhari Plage (Ixo) 11-2015: DS Majesty (Matrix)
10-2015: SM Mylord (Matrix) 10-2015 Conceptcar Aircross (Norev)
10-2015: U23 bus torpédo capoté (Perfex) 10-2015: U23 bus torpédo décapoté (Perfex)
09-2015: B2 Normande 1924 (CCC)
04-2015: 700 Porte-fer (Allain Leluyer) 04-2015: AK Nimik Breadvan F355 Berlinetta (ABC Brianza)

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