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My projects....
Mes projets....

On this page I want to show you how I make my models, my transformations. These transformations give me the best satisfaction.
I mean, what's the fun of spending money on a model, opening the door to the showcase, putting the model in it, and closing the door again? I like it more to spend a lot of time and energy, transforming a, preferably cheap, model into something special and unique.
I want to show you my ideas, my struggles, my failures and (hopefully) finally a nice result. If you would like to respond to this, don't hesitate to mail me with your comments, your ideas and tips.
Sorry for my lousy English.

Je souhaite vous montrer sur cette page comment je fabrique mes modèles car ces transformations me procurent le plus de plaisir.
Je m’explique. Qu’il y a t’il d’amusant à acheter une miniature, ouvrir sa vitrine, y déposer son modèle et puis tout refermer ? J’aime beaucoup mieux consacrer plein de temps et d’ énergie à la transformation un modèle, de préférence sans grand frais, en quelque chose de spécial et unique.
Je veux donc vous faire partager mes idées, tâtonnements et échecs, pour ( j’espère) finalement vous faire découvrir une belle réalisation.
Si vous souhaiter réagir, n’hésiter pas à m’envoyer un courriel pour m’adresser vos commentaires, idées ou conseils.

Traduction par Thierry.

April 2023.... a new project...

Ever since I saw a Citroën Acadiane (named "No Limit") being used as a tractor puller, during a broadcast on Euro Sport, I was interested in these machines and started searching for information of them. There have been several Citroëns being used as tractor puller.
Like this one, Citroën C4, but a bit modified, by the name of C4X.
A nice subject for a transformation.
I found some pictures of this machine.

As you can see on the above pictures a tractor puller has rear tyres with a very specific profile. I could never start making a tractor puller model if I did not have these wheels. So I searched for many years....
until Siku came up with the model you see below.

This is a model in scale 1:87. No problem, since the tractor pullers in the TWD category have smaller wheels than other categories. TWD stands for Two Wheel Drive, and all Citroëns I came across compete in this category.
So I bought the model and copied the rear wheels in resin. It turns out the wheels go pretty well with a 1:43 scale model.
The C4X has front wheels that resemble wheels of a Suzuki Jimny or Samourai. So I bought a Suzuki Samourai and also copied the wheels in resin.
I will also need an engine. The C4X is equipped with a V12 Rover Meteor, from a tank, and derived from the Rolls Royce Merlin engine. I did not find a scale model of this engine, but the Allison V12 will do instead, resembles the Merlin a lot.
So here's the kit I found. Scale 1:48, but that's not an issue.
Next step is making a drawing. I used the photo which shows the side of the C4X, to make a construction drawing, using CorelDraw.
The paint was stripped of the Solido model, which is always a challenge. I wonder what paint they used, so hard to get off...

The chassis was cut in half and using Evergreen styrene a new rear end of the chassis was made.
The rear window was made a lot smaller. And I casted a copy of the engine.
Twelve exhausts were made from brass wire and added to the engine.
Using the drawing I started to make the sides of the vehicle.

June 2023:
The body is getting its shape, using styrene supports over which thin brass sheet is glued.

Next challenge is making the rear mudguards. First I have made a drawing using CorelDraw. Printed on paper and cut out they are used to check the size, to see if they fit. Then the shape of the mudguards are transferred to brass sheet, which is the cut out...

...bent into shape and glued to the model.