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CX Tissier

The making of a CX Tissier.... (RobB)
The making of a CX Tissier.... (RobB)
CX Porte-voiture 2 portes (Boutique/Solido transkit) CX Porte-voiture 2 portes Garage Becker (AutoBineau kit)
CX Tissier Porte-voiture 4 portes (Original Miniatures kit)
CX Plateau "Gesa" (AutoBineau kit)
CX Plateau "Hollander" (AutoBineau kit)
CX Ambulance 4 portes (CIT43) CX Ambulance 4 portes (Esdo)
CX Ambulance Tissier "Caducťe" 4 roues (AutoBineau kit) CX Ambulance 2 portes (Esdo kit)
CX "Ribť Prim" (CIT43 kit) CX 2 portes, petit volume "Le Chandeleur" (CIT43 kit)

CX 2 portes, grand volume "Driving" (CIT43 kit) CX 4 portes, petit volume "Centre France" (CIT43 kit)

CX "Hollander" (Calandre kit) & Remorque (Calandre kit) CX "Hollander" (CIT43)
CX Ex-ambulance/Camper (ESDO kit / transformation: RobB)

CX Bureau Mobile Rallye d'Algerie (CIT43 kit)  CX Plateau Hťlico Rallye d'Algerie (RobB)
CX Travelling "Futuroscope" third version (AutoBineau kit) CX Fourgon "Eurofisch" (CIT43 kit)

CX Travelling "Futuroscope" first version (AutoBineau kit) CX Travelling "Futuroscope" second version (AutoBineau kit)

CX Pickup "L'Ours Noir" (AutoBineau kit)

CX Fourgon "TEP" (CIT43 kit)

CX Tissier "Penthouse" (Ixo)

CX camper "Penthouse" (CIT43 kit)
CX Tissier 'Auto-Loisirs' (ex Penthouse) (AutoBineau kit)

CX 'Assistance Kawasaki' (AutoBineau/RobB kit)

CX Fourgon "Apollon" (CIT43)

CX Limousine Tissier "Honecker" (Original Miniatures kit)

CX Tissier Limousine DDR (Matrix)



More Tissier models can be found
here (DS), here (XM), here (other) and on my CIT43-page.