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08-2019: Type H 'Scotch Brite' (Ixo) 08-2019: Type A Torpédo Décapoté (Universal Hobbies/RobB)
08-2019: 2CV G.H.A.N 1 (Ministyle) 07-2019: CX Prestige Landaulet (Evrat/CitroMini)
07-2019: Type 55 semi-remorque "Butagaz" (Fanou / KM57 kit)
07-2019: C4 Volcane concept 1998 (Franstyle)
07-2019: Jumper Neo Type H Pössl Wildcamp (Ixo) 07-2019: Xanthia concept 1986 (Franstyle)
06-2019: Jumpy Spacetourer Pössl Campster (Ixo) 07-2019: 19_19 Concept 2019 (Norev)
06-2019: ID Camper (Matrix) 05-2019: P15-N (Alexis Kobylko)
05-2019: DS sous bache (MH Models) 05-2019: Oltcit Cabrio (Ixo / transformation: RobB)
04-2019: T46 4x4 Sahara (Kit'Army kit) 05-2019: 450N Bar Pinder (Perfex)
04-2019: C6GI 2 Tonnes Long de Transport en commun de la Ville de Lourdes T.C.V.L. (Alexis Kobylko)
04-2019: Acadiane Laverda (ixo) 04-2019: AZU Wegenwacht (Norev)
03-2019: CX Loadrunner Grand Volume "CX Basis" (Original Miniatures kit)
03-2019: C6 "Poisson" Croisière Jaune (RR Miniatures kit) 03-2019: Ami One Concept (Norev)
03-2019: Type 23 Driguet "Transport des Enfants"
(Alain Leluyer kit)
03-2019: 5HP Trèfle (Proto)
03-2019: C4F Plateau Bâché (Solido/Vroom transkit) 02-2019: TA Cabriolet Worblaufen (Jade)
02-2019: B2 Caddy 1923 (Norev) 02-2019: B2 Caddy Sport 1923 (PMA/CitroMini)
02-2019: ZX Rallye Raid 1990 Baja Aragon (Miniracing kit) 02-2019: Type 23 Autocar "Belle-Clot" (Perfex/CitroMini)

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25-01-2018: Added U55 semi-remorque-page
14-01-2018: Added 2CV Derivates/Dérivées-page
06-10-2016: Split Belphégor-page into Belphégor Camions-page and Belphégor Sapeurs Pompiers-page.
21-11-2014: Added Type 23 CDL semi-avancée-page
23-01-2014: Added Axel/Olcit-page
12-01-2014: Added Statcounter on some pages to see how often you are visiting these pages
09-05-2013: Added page in the "My Projects" section: Broken Berlingos
25-12-2012: Added Tissier XM-page
02-11-2012: Added page Movie and Camera Cars
27-01-2012: Added page 2CV Collection Autoplus
22-10-2011: Split Tissier-page into Tissier_CX-page, Tissier_DS-page and Tissier_other-page.
16-09-2011: Added page for DS3, DS4 and DS5.
30-01-2011: Added hyperlinks on pictures on Added-page to their page in the gallery
16-09-2009: Added second page for Collection Type H d'Hachette
23-03-2009: Added page in the "My Projects" section: Visa
17-03-2009: Added page in the "My Projects" section: DS/ID
24-02-2009: I'd used up all of my webspace, so I had to upgrade my account;
                   now I have 100 Mb to use.
                   I'm looking for sponsors, because I have to pay more for this website.
23-02-2009: Added page in the "My Projects" section: Type H
19-02-2009: Added page for Collection Type H d'Hachette
18-01-2009: split the U23 page in two: old and new (after november 1953) cabine
05-06-2008: added Busses-page
04-04-2007: split Ami-page into Ami6 and Ami8+M35-page;
                   added C4-Picasso page
19-12-2006: try to get rit of these horrible menu bottons, try to think of something else
18-10-2006: added Evasion-page
28-09-2006: introduced a new section in the Gallery: My Projects
                   first page: Jumpy Espaces Verts Toulouse
02-09-2006: added TUB-page
13-02-2006: added a page with models during WWII
19-12-2005: added a sitemap
12-12-2005: added DS Coupés & Cabriolets page and Tintin page
01-11-2005: added Présidentielle page, changed gallery-index
09-10-2005: moved Acadiane pictures to new Acadiane-page
10-05-2005: added Hearses-page
15-02-2005: new looks on the entire website
01-02-2005: started changing the looks of this website, making it Firefox-proof
26-12-2004: added "The Making of..." page
22-12-2004: finally found some time to correct 55/60 pages
04-10-2004: replaced all pictures on the Tin Citroëns page
03-10-2004: replaced all pictures on the C4 firetrucks page
02-10-2004: replaced all pictures on the ZX page and all on the Xsara Picasso page
01-10-2004: replaced all pictures on the C4-trucks page
29-09-2004: replaced all pictures on the 2CV-Norev page
27-09-2004: added Paris-Dakar page
28-06-2004: split the Traction page into Berline, (Faux) Cabriolet and 22CV-page
22-06-2004: replaced DS-sport pictures
11-06-2004: replaced DinkyToys pictures
02-06-2004: replaced all Jumpy and AX pictures
01-06-2004: added new prototype- and AU/AZU pictures
30-05-2004: added Dinky Toys-page, split Xsara/Picasso-page into separate pages
25-05-2004: replaced all Méhari and Rosalie pix.
15-05-2004: yet more new pictures, Chapron, Tissier, CX Utility, hundreds more to go.......
28-04-2004: replaced more SM, Prototypes, CX, and other pictures
19-04-2004: replaced some SM and DS pictures
19-03-2004: new pictures on 23-, 350- and 45/46-pages. 
29-02-2004: again replaced some bad pictures (2CV, Ami, AZU, Traction)
01-02-2004: bought a new digital camera; started to replace some bad pictures
31-03-2003: Added 2CV-cross page
23-02-2003: Added Visa, Dyane, Saxo and C4 firetrucks; finally finished the Gallery (for the time being.....)
17-02-2003: Finished Sport pages, added Xsara, CX & 2 DS pages
16-02-2003: SM, Visa, Traction & Xantia Sport pages (wow, really been busy today....!!)
15-02-2003: Saxo Sport page
27-01-2003: C35 page
21-01-2003: Kégresse page
05-01-2003: Tissier page
23-12-2002: AX page, started with sport-pages; happy birthday to me
16-12-2002: GS/GSA
08-12-2002: more pictures
05-12-2002: some pictures
18-11-2002: DS
13-11-2002: DS Utility 
10-11-2002: AU, AZU, AK & Acadiane
16-10-2002: Ami; updated C15
09-07-2002: 2CV & 5HP & BX
08-07-2002: Chapron Models & Rosalie 
07-07-2002: Traction Avant & Other Types
02-07-2002: C5 & Xantia & Xsara
01-07-2002: Prototypes & SM
11-06-2002: see pictures below
21-04-2002: C3
11-04-2002: 350
10-04-2002: H
08-04-2002: CX & CX-utility
07-04-2002: Special DS's